Guido Segni

A selection of recent URL and IRL works.
Please note that the archive is currently in progress. I will progressively add works details

per caso, automatismo e sovrappensiero

I just dotted the i's and crossed the t's of Kenneth Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing
An exercise in abstract plagiarism
2020 | Details

For whom the phone rings
2020 - ongoing | Project link
A portable website to be projected on empty surfaces

Existence of a plug
Battery log performance and website
2019 - ongoing | Project link

Fino alla fine. Forse una tempolinea infinita
Endurance algorithmic performance
2019 - ongoing | Project link

Demand Full Laziness. A Five year plan
Endurance performative rest, automation and machine learning
2018 - 2023 | Details, Project link

Verba volant, scripta manent
Mixed media
2017 - ongoing | Details, Project link, Twitter Bot

All the times i missed your call and i probably refused to work
Website, counter of real time missed phone calls
2017 - ongoing | Project link

La mer est bleu (in .eu)
GIF Image on .eu domain
2016 | Details, Project link, Tumblr collection

Oh My God. Today I prayed for the Internet
2016 | Details, Project link

The Artist is Typing
Self surveillance performance
2016 - ongoing | Details, Project link

More audience less artists
Artist statement on crowdworker's back, Full HD Video
2016 | Details, Project link

Work less, work all – We are the 99% on
Performative video, images and objects
2015 | Details, Project link

A quiet desert failure
Digital archive and algorithmic performance
2013-2053 (maybe) | Details, Project link, Tumblr Archive

Wiring Wired & Fired
Fire performance on Wired issues
2015 | Details

A is for Art, B is for bullshit
2015 | Details

After Post Internet there will be only, and always, past internet
Past Internet Statement
2015 | Details, Project link

Pics or it didn’t happen
Photography and Google search
2014 | Details, Project link

Proof of existence of a cloud worker
2014 | Details, Project link

The middle finger response
2013 | Details, Project link

Top Expiring Internet Artists
Website chart
2013 | Details, Project link

15 Minutes, anonymous
Algorithmic performance and prints
2012 | Details, Project link

Through the looking glass and what I found there
2012 | Details

Untitled URL Monument
Website monument (obsolete)
2012 | Details